“I absolutely love this place – super caring, run by qualified and experienced staff who are all mums themselves of slightly older children – it has been so formative for both my sons” 
Rachel, mum to L 6 and J 3

“I honestly can’t recommend this preschool highly enough.  My eldest had a wonderful 2 years there and now my youngest is coming to the end of his first.  The staff are lovely, welcoming and highest standard and really help each individual child to flourish.  Big thumbs up from us!!”
Becky, mum to D 5 and M 3

"Bromley Methodist preschool is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. Both our children have learnt so much and developed as confident individuals since attending this preschool.
Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities, we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in both our children that they will need, in particular, as they progress through schooling life. 
We will miss the staff and preschool when my youngest son leaves next year "
Vicki, mum to F 6 and M 3 

" My daughter attended the pre-school for four mornings a  week for two years, she was always excited to be spending time there.  The pre-school room is wonderfully large and the teachers set out lots of different activities for the children to choose to take part in, there is a music room and a delightful enclosed garden that they play in often. 
The staff at  Bromley Methodist Pre-School is so kind and caring you can tell they genuinely love their jobs and the children.   Because of this we settled in quickly and I felt at ease knowing our little girl  was safe and well-cared for.    Her confidence grew, she learnt a lot and  made some good friends.   It really helped make the transition to 'big' school a lot easier.  
In her words:  I like the pre-school because I liked the reading area, I liked reading the books.   I used to like painting there and I enjoyed playing in the garden.   The teachers are so kind and helpful and were really nice to me."
Becky, mum to L, 5 and M 1 who will attend when he is older

“I just wanted to say how much I love this pre-school.  My daughter went here in 2013/2014 and now my son is about to leave before going to school.  Both of my children have thrived here under the kindness and care of the staff. They know each child and go out of their way to welcome new children and parents to the setting. There are so many activities for the children to participate in – never a dull moment for the children.  They are constantly engaged in a learning activity or simply having fun.  My son loves small group time too.
My son absolutely loves pre-school and all the ladies who run it. He often gets sad when it’s the weekend and he can’t go!
He has come on in leaps and bounds since September and is so proud he can now write his name.  The encouragement he gets here is second to none.
I will be really sad in a few weeks when it’s time to leave and, sadly, I have no more children to send here.  It’s been a great bridge between home and school”.
Heather, mum to E 7 and D 5

“I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to you and all the key workers at the pre-school.  My daughter has a character that can be shy and struggles to be confident sometimes, however, since being at pre-school this has changed for the better.  I remember thinking how quickly she got settled at the beginning.  This I believe is having the great staff who make the children feel safe and secure – which is the most important thing to me as a parent.
I also find the pre-school very stimulating for the children with the variety of activities available.  My daughter loves the different stories they are told and all the different songs she has learned”.
Rachel, mum to S 5 and S 2

As Lorenzo’s time at the Bromley Methodist Preschool draws to a close I just wanted to write an email to thank you and your wonderful team for everything they have done for Lorenzo.  Lorenzo started at the preschool in September 2015, at first he was shy and missed being with his Mum and Dad but with the care of his excellent Keyworker Ms Lione and the whole team at the preschool he soon settled in and started to flourish. There is an excellent range of activities at the pre-school and whenever I pick Lorenzo up he has lots of drawings and things that he has made which he proudly takes home. I can see that the children are really cared for and all the staff really go above and beyond. My older daughter was in a daycare setting during her preschool years and I can say that the difference between her experience and Lorenzo’s is profound. I feel that Lorenzo is really ready to start Reception in September, and will be well equipped in many ways for this new experience. The love and care he has received from everyone in the Team, has been wonderful. This Pre-school really is a special place and I wish I had known about it for my daughter. There have been so many special moments at the Pre-School, the Christmas Nativity’s , and the Mother Day Tea Party are a couple that spring to mind. The memory of my little boy taking part in these and having so much fun will always be very dear to both of us. Thank you so much to everyone at the Pre-school.
Nicole, Mum to L age 4.




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